8 Hilariously Accurate GIFs About Email Marketing


One of my favorite nerdy and marketer-y past times is scrolling through GIFs about marketing. As a fellow marketer, they always hit home and crack me up. So, I thought, why not get specific and curate GIFs about email marketing, the specific industry I work in. I hope these hit home for you, too andRead more

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Work, Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Does your work host a lot of fun events? Pizza parties perhaps? Laser tag with co-workers? Hey, even donuts on Fridays count in my book! My work does not. Fun work events are something I wish my company did more of. I don’t know about our Omaha office, but the California office where I workRead more

Why You Should Take a Sick Day from Work

Why You Should Take a Sick Day from Work

Wow, only one post later and I’m already lagging behind! Did I mention that my goal is to get one blog post up every week? I skipped last week…whoops! But, I have an excuse! Sorta. I was sick. I hate being sick. You know what’s worse than a winter cold? A summer cold! Having aRead more