Ear Treats of the Week No. 18

Ear Treats of the Week No. 18

Ear Treats of the Week No. 18

My weekly musical obsessions. Make sure to check out my “Ear Treats Playlist” on Spotify where all my “Ear Treats of the Week” songs go for easy listening! Click here.

Britney Spears ft. G-Eazy “Make Me…” // BRITNEY HAS A NEW SONG WITH FREAKIN’ G-EAZY!!! You heard it here first 😉

Tim Legend ft. BR/\VE “Hope” // One of those “#TGIF, it finally feels like the weekend!” songs.

LeMarquis “Radar” // Just by hearing the guitar plucking in the beginning, you KNOW this is gonna be a groovy beat.

Flume ft. Kai “Never Be Like You” // Kai’s voice is on point with this track. I’m on a electronic roll.

Kygo ft. Tom Odell “Fiction” // Another summery EDM track for the masses. Pool party anyone?

No video available. Click here to listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/123122910/playlist/2rpntC3cvGnzA6xV0vsK3e

Swell ft. Shiloh “I’m Sorry” // What gets put on once the sun goes down and you’re winding down the pool party to a chill fire pit party.

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