(Part I: The Basics) A little French and a lot of Monochrome

(Part I: The Basics) How to Look Chic with a little French, a bit of leather, and a lot of Monochrome

Welcome to Part I of my little fashion series! This one is for all the girls who prefer to dress casual and comfortable yet longs to look sleek and chic. For someone that has a very active Fashion Pinterest Board, I don’t think I am super fashionable in real life. As much as I wouldRead more

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Work, Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Does your work host a lot of fun events? Pizza parties perhaps? Laser tag with co-workers? Hey, even donuts on Fridays count in my book! My work does not. Fun work events are something I wish my company did more of. I don’t know about our Omaha office, but the California office where I workRead more